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Sofa Shield Cat Scratcher - Left Side

Sofa Shield Cat Scratcher - Left Side

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  • Solid, wear-resistant natural sisal scratch pad - to meet the cat's natural scratch instinct, so that the cat can stretch the body and work energy, and can be protect your furniture from damage.
  • Strong Structure and High Universality: The sisal fabric of this scratch pad is particularly durable. The inconspicuous dark gray fabric half fits perfectly into the overall design of your furniture. Cat scratching mat is suitable for all kinds of cat. Cats love the Sisal Fiber, your cats can sharpen their claws on this durable sisal scratching surface instead of on your furniture or carpet. And that Encourages positive, healthy scratching behavior for your cats
  • 100% Natural Sisal Fiber: Natural Sisal Fiber and Cotton & Linen. Real pure natural material-- anti-strong pull, abrasion/corrosion resistance feature. Natural, environmentally safe, friendly product that is safe for your cats.
  • Easy to Use and Wash: Sisal cat scratcher only takes two steps to complete. It is easy to clean for master, can flush with water, mat should dry quickly after wash. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid overexposure.

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