Bike Tow Leash FAQ


CLICK HERE to find your bike, trike, wheelchair, scooter model.  You may also contact us via messenger or email (  for help with determining the correct Bike Tow Leash to order.  


Q:  I see the Bike Tow Leash can attach to the right side of bikes.  How do determine what I need for my bike? 

A: There are 3 ways; 

1)  If you aren't sure which bike you will use, want to upgrade soon or rent.  Simply order the Right Side Bike Tow Leash Package.  This will provide all you need to install on any bike.  Yes, left side as well.  

2) If you do know which bike or other mobility devices you want to use, Click on the Fit Chart link.  Scroll down alphabetically to find your bike, trike, chair  or  mobility scooter listing in that order alphabetically., then right to see photos.   The chart will indicate what is needed for attachment for left then right sides.

3) If you don't find your bike etc.  on the chart, you can still easily determine what to order with these simple steps;

a) If your bike has a single rear sprocket, the standard clamp will have plenty of room to clear the chain.   Order only the  Right Side Bike Tow Leash.

b) If your newer, lighter,  bike frame is made of carbon fiber and/or has flat sided chain strays order the Chain Stay Clamp with your Right Hand Bike Tow Leash.

c) For older style bikes with steel or aluminum frames, order the Quick Mount.  Just check there is 5/8 inch [16mm] flat or open area around the rear axle.

d)  If for any reason you are still not sure what you need to order, special needs etc., email make, model and photos to: We will gladly help with your order.  



Q:  How does riding with a Bike Tow Leash Compare to riding with other types of attachments: 

A:  Safety, stability and comfort are a night and day difference.  The BTL provides amazing stability and comfortable ride compared to all others that will tip toward your pulling dog.  The BTL will let your dog propel you without destabilizing the bike as others do.  You will feel secure and your dog will be learning the heel command comfortably in your view.  Others place the dog farther back so your dog is not visible as you look forward.  When the trail narrows your dog will automatically and safely be moved fully behind you to avoid obstacles.  Other products don’t provide for dog positioning behind when necessary so will allow or cause impact with the obstacles causing injury or inadvertently releasing your dog. For more comparisons see this chart….


Q: Will the Bike Tow Leash work with my large dog with a strong prey drive? 

A:  Yes, the BTL is rated for dogs 10 to 185 pounds [4.5 to 84 Kg].   The BTL height adjusts from medium to short and tall dogs as well.

To counteract lunges away from the bike, the dog forces are applied to the bike below the bike’s center of gravity.  This means the BTL’s low mounting point prevents bike tipping when the dog lunges away.

A great example of how stable the BTL is illustrated in this video;


Q:  Does the BTL require more or less training than other dog biking devices?

A:  The BTL requires less or no training for both dog and rider.  Since dogs naturally pull and other devices are much less stable, prior leash training and larger accomplished bike riders are necessary before biking  is attempted with other devices.  The word “attempted” is used because a startled, distracted or prey driven dog will tip or knock you off your bike using other devices.  The BTL can be used with dogs of all training levels, especially extreme pullers.  The BikeTow Leash is a true training tool. You can go for a ride then confidently attend an obedience class with improved behavior and attention span. 


Q:  How does the dog’s pulling on the BTL affect his neck compared to other products?

A:   Concern about trachea damage with collars are warranted with other, higher mounted, products which pull up against throat and trachea when the dog pulls. When the dog pulls on the BTL the force is placed to the side, on the tougher outside shoulder and side of neck areas.  Additionally, the BTL has built into it a couple feet of shock absorption to further protect you and your dog.  Other products have just inches of shock absorption if any. 

Q: How does the Bike Tow Leash warranty compare with others?

A:  The Bike Tow Leash high quality materials and design are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.   Some others are covered up to a single year.


Q:  How does using the BTL compare to using a seat post mounted type bike attachments?

A:  The Bike Tow Leash is much more stable and does not add anything to the bike that can injure rider or tip the bike onto the dog that can cause injury.  The BTL is mounted down below the bike’s center of gravity the so tipping is eliminated.  In fact, if let go, the bike will fall away from your pulling dog.  BTL parts are all smooth and resilient with no pinch points or sharp edges.  Seat post mounted type bike attachments mount high so when the dog pulls sideways the bike falls over toward dog. Typical seat post mounted type bike attachments have ridged metal parts that can cause injury when the bike is pulled over onto your dog. While riding, the BTL will place the dog comfortably forward in heel position rather than back out of riders view.  When you get to an obstacle, the ridged seat post mounted type bike attachments will not let the dog get fully behind the bike as the BTL does to avoid the obstacle.  Additionally, the seat post mounted type bike attachments will inadvertently release the dog from a hard pull on the cord.  The BTL will only release if there is an actual hard impact between leash and a sign post, fire plug or similar obstacle.  

Q:  How does using a Bike Tow Leash compare with Bikejoring or having dog out front attached to the front of the bike up above the front wheel? 

A: The dog out front, can tangle, be run over by your bike and  will hide from your view trail obstacles, an additional fall hazard. Using the Bike Tow Leash is much safer and easier to use as you have complete control of your bike and dog(s) travel direction and no possibility of running over your dogs.  You also are not near as limited in where you can ride using the Bike Tow Leash.

An additional difference between using the BTL and bikejoring is you are closer with your dog(s) so you can experience their reactions to what they see and smell seeing their faces and bonding on your rides.  


Q: Do you ship Bike Tow Leashes internationally? 

A: Yes, we ship the Bike Tow Leash globally.


Q: How do you ship internationally and how long does it take?  

A: We typically ship USPS Priority Mail International with tracking and insurance.  It takes about 10 days through customs to Canada, two weeks to further locations like Europe and Australia.


Q:  Do I save on shipping when I buy more than one Bike Tow Leash?

A:  Yes, because we ship 1 to 3 BTLs in the same box size.


Q: Why is the Bike Tow Leash mast height adjustable?

A: The BTL mast has several functions that work optimally when at the correct mast height.  The communication to the dog for position, turns and speed is by touching in the rib area.  The mast also acts as a resilient barrier to keep dog off the bike pedals and wheels so it should not slide over the dog’s back or get under dog’s belly with the bike vertical.


Q:  How do I know if my Bike Tow Leash mast height is correct?

A:  A quick rule of thumb is the forward end of the mast should touch your dog at shoulder height is the rib area.  With the bike vertical, the mast is too low if he steps over it and too high if his back slices under it.


Q: Where do I adjust the BTL height?

A: The adjustment or twist location is between the metal “L” shaped outer clamp and the black coupling. Loosening this area before adjustment requires alcohol or heat.  Refer to the instructions provided with your BTL or view the Alcohol Adjustment Video.  

Q: Can the bike tow leash be adjusted with rubbing alcohol more than once or will that cause the coupling to become weak?

A: Yes, you can readjust the BTL more than once without making it become weak.  It will actually loosen for adjust easier each time. 

Q:  Can I easily move my Bike Tow Leash from one bike to another? 

A:  Yes, the Bike Tow Leash quickly and easily removes and installs with two thumb screw knobs.




Q: What kind of bikes do you recommend for biking with dogs?

A: For strong energetic dogs I always recommend mountain bikes with good hand brakes to both wide wheels.  Beach, recumbent, comfort and cross roads type bikes work great as well.  However, for best control, especially with multiple dogs, the bike should have a wide, aggressive knobby off road rear tire. 

Q: Will BTL mount on Mountain Bikes with disk brakes?

A: Yes, The Bike Tow leash works with disc brakes  CLICK HERE  to view installation options for bikes, trikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs.  It is an alphabetic listing for left and right side installation listed alphabetically by make and model number.  We have not found a bike we couldn’t fit so contact us.   Follow this link for mounting templates and some of our installation instructions:  

Q: I would like to use your product on a Diggler Dirt Dawg scooter?  Please let me know if that is possible.  Thanks!

A:  Yes, the BTL works on a Diggler and other kick bikes.  It clamps against the forward edge of the rear axle on either side of the scooter.  As with bicycles, be sure to keep weight on the scooter with dog attached. 


Typical kick type bikes

Q: Can you ride more than one dog at a time with the Bike Tow Leash?

A:  Yes, you have a couple options for riding multiple dogs.  1) You can install a second BTL on the other side of you bike. Or   2) You can use our Dog Coupler to attach the second dog’s collar to the faster pulling dog’s collar.  The faster dog will be attached directly to the BTL so you slip your brakes to slow the pace to keep from dragging the slower dog.  Our patented, Dog Coupler prevents tripping and tangling while taking advantage of the many safety features of the BTL.  The Dog Coupler is available on our accessories tab.  

Q:  Our trails are very busy, can I use the Bike Tow Leash on the right side of my bike? 

A:  Yes, the BTL can be mounted on either side of your bike.  Just install it, and adjust the mast height so it is pointing forward. There are many mounting options detailed with photos in the instructions.  We’ve not found a bike we couldn’t fit, so contact us if you have any questions or difficulty. Also, if you'd like you can add the Right Hand Side Attachment FREE of charge in the accessories with your BTL order.


Q:  What makes the Dog Coupler work so well compared to a simple rope or bungee cord?

A:  Extensive and continuing testing reveals several reasons our patented Dog Coupler works best: The DC provides a multiple spring constant spacer between the dogs that comfortably reaches around the dogs head.  The first inch of “pull and push” length change requires less than a pound of force.  The second inch and beyond requires much more.  This, as in proper leash training, rewards the dogs for proper positioning the correct distance apart, beside each other and the bike.  A simple rope will droop and tangle when loose same with a bungee cord.  Dog nature is to resist against a tight leash so the tendency is to stretch a bungee cord out fully and continue to pull against it.  Sideways pulling against one another dramatically increases paw pad wear and tearing.  Once torn your dogs will have to stop riding for awhile and/or wear booties for awhile. So best fo avoid doubling up the dogs without our Dog Coupler.  


Q:  Is there a way to walk all three of my dogs at once. 

A:  Yes, to walk 3 dogs at once, you would mount a BTL on both sides of your bike, trike, scooter or chair and use (1) Dog Coupler from our Accessories page.

Q: What type of bike frame do you recommend for riding with your Bike Tow Leash (carbon, aluminum, hybrid etc.? 

A: All frame materials will work.  I enjoy riding our dogs with carbon, steel and aluminum bikes.  However, for strong pulling dogs, the less expensive heavier steel and aluminum frames provides a smoother ride and better workout for both you and your dog(s).  Don’t worry about your bike’s finish.  The plastic coated BTL clamp protects your bike’s paint. 



Q:  I have dog that is a strong puller.  Do I need a trike to ride him?

A:  The BTL will provide all the stability you need for the dogs pulling on a regular bicycle.  However, if you are not stable riding a bike, then a trike is a great way to go.

Q:  What type and makes of Adult Trikes do the Adult Trike Adapter work on?

A: The Adult Trike adapter works on trikes with two rear wheels.   Makes and models include; Schwinn Meridian, Sun SX, Torker Tristar HD,  Belize Bicycle Tri-Rider Comfort Trike, Kentex and Worksman.  Trikes having a single rear wheel, tadpole type, do not require the Adult Trike Adapter.  Some tadpole makes are:  TerraTrike, ICE, Ti-Trikes, Green Speed, Trident and Catrike,


Q: What makes of recumbent, Tadpole type, two wheels in front, trikes do BTLs attach to?

A: On tadpole type trikes, two front wheels, the BTL attaches like on a bicycle just ahead of the rear axle without an Adult Trike Adapter.  So far we haven’t found a recumbent trike that the BTL won’t fit.  The BTL has easily installed on; Cattrike Road, ICE Sprint RS, TerraTrike Rover, Ti-Trikes, Trident Stowaway II, Green Speed and more…CLICK on the FIT Chart link at the top of this page and scroll down to TRIKES for more trike fitting information.  

Q: Hi, I am interested in buying the bike tow leash for my adult tricycle, but I don’t know how it would attach to the trike.

A: The BTL is attached to trikes having two rear wheels using the Adult Trike Adapter.  Find it on our accessories page. Measure your axle tube here.    Tube sizes from . 1 ½ in. dia. or [3.8 cm]  to 1 5/8 or [41 mm] fit our standard trike adapter.  If your trike has a larger tube when you order email us the diameter.  

 Q: What size axle tubes does the Adult Trike Adapter fit and how do I measure it?

A: We can make several sizes.  The most common and our standard size is 1 ½ inches diameter or 4 ¾ inch Circumference.  Measure circumference by wrapping a measuring tape around the axle tube.

If you have a different size axle tube contact us with size make and model of your adult trike.

We can make other sizes to fit your trike. 


Mobility Scooters:

Q: Where does the Bike Tow Leash mount on Mobility Scooters?

A:  Each BTL comes with mobility scooter mounting instructions.  The BTL usually clamps on to the arm rest support or the seat back hinge.  The standard clamp usually works.  It can clamp up to 1inch thickness with a bolt spacing of 2.6 inches.  Other clamps are available to accommodate any special needs.  Check out our accessories page.  If you don’t see what you need, just contact us. 


Q:  Do I use the standard bike length Bike Tow Leash with my mobility scooter or the shorter wheelchair version?

A:  If you plan to only walk your dog out doors, use the standard length BTL.  If for indoor use, use the shorter wheelchair version.



Q:  Where does the BTL attach on a manual wheelchair?

A:  Typically the BTL mounts on the round tubes near the front caster on either side with a special clamp for round tubes.  Contact us with chair make and tube sizes, photos help, prior to ordering.


Q:  Why is there a special Bike Tow Leash shortened for Wheelchairs?

A:  When indoors, the dog needs to be closer and because chairs are shorter than bikes, we  keep the dog farther back to avoid being pinched by front caster wheels.


Power Chairs: 

Q: Where does the Bike Tow Leash attach to power chairs? 

A: The BTL usually attaches toward the rear of power chairs to allow your dog to get fully behind you through narrow doorways.  It can clamp on any surfaces such as armrest supports, lift or tiedown anchors, seat rails etc.

Q: What size and shape can the standard BTL clamp attach to?

A: The standard clamp will clamp up to 1” thick objects as tall as 2.1 inches with the bolts above and below the part.  With a bolt inbetween two tubes, the standard clamp will clamp up to 3 ¾ inches tall.  For single round clamping, see the clamps on our accessories tab. 

Bike Tow Leash USE

Q:  What kind of collar should I use with the BTL?

A: We recommend using a Martingale style collar for most dogs and usually attach to one of the two non-tightening rings. This way we again don't tighten onto the trachea area and it differentiates between biking as we use the center tightening ring on regular walks to prevent walk pulling. As far as control and stability the BTL design provides more control and stability than a walking human. The BTL is fully 5 star safety approved by the American Pet Association for bikes, trikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. We do considerable work with special needs dog owners since training, raising and now needing a service dog is how we got started to begin with .

Q:  Can I use a harness with the Bike Tow Leash?

A: You can use dog control harnesses with the BTL especially with breeds susceptible to trachea damage.  A harness that has an attachment point on the side and close to the neck area are best.  Clipping too far aft on your dog will place your dog too far forward near the front wheel and beyond the communication and protection provided by the BTL mast. Clipping to a point on the back between the dogs shoulders allows the BTL mast to slip over top of the dog rather than the desired touch to the side for communication. 

Q:  How do I know if I am going too fast down hill for my dog?

A:  When riding with a dog always apply or slip your brakes down hills.  The normal position for your dog is right beside you in the heel position.  When he drops back from that position, slow down.  One of the unique safety features of the BTL is placing your dog visibly beside you.  Remember, your dog’s only way of communicating too fast is by dropping back. 


Q: How far do I ride with my dog? 

A: Always check with your vet before taking on a new vigorous exercise routine.  Remember, your dog will be working at least 4 times harder than you when biking.  All that being said, when starting a new dog I never go more than a mile, while it is cool out, at first to let them build up endurance and their pads.   Then evaluate how they recover and inspect their feet.  Build up slow to keep it fun and avoid overdoing it.

Giving your dog a good rub down massaging legs, feet etc. after a ride will help you see if your dog has become sore and make the rides even more special for your dog.


Q:  Do I need to remove the Bike Tow Leash between rides or when riding without dog(s)?

A:  No, you can simply clip your BTL behind your seat out of the way.  If you desire to remove the BTL, it will come off in just seconds with no tools.


Q: Can I ride with two dogs on a single Bike Tow Leash?

A: Yes, you can use our Dog Coupler to safely attach the second dog.  You can purchase the Dog Coupler on our Accessories Tab.  The Dog Coupler will take advantage of the communications between bike and dogs and help maintain proper dog positioning beside each other.  Additionally, the unique DC design provides loose-leash-reward for proper positioning.  Loose leash rewarding is how to train proper leash walking and will also help reduce paw pad wear and tears.


Q:  What can I do about loose dogs when I ride?  

A:  Loose dogs at any time can be problematic if they are aggressive to your dog or want to chase you. If there are aggressive loose dogs, the best thing is to avoid them.  However, you can go prepared for the worst with an air horn and pepper spray.  I have out run chasing dogs but never had the occasion to use either and would have to be very sure before using pepper spray on any animal.  You should probably test the air horn with your dog(s) to see what the reaction will be before using one on a ride.

I have had leashed dogs appear aggressive toward us biking but once convincing the owner to loosen the leash found them quite nice.  This occurs since dogs feel stress transferred from their handler, through the leash.

**Check out Pups' Path's other Safety Products for Recreation such as Mace Muzzle.** (


Q: I prefer to use a harness with my but she seems to get too close to my front wheel.  What can I do to keep her further from my bike?

A: It appears the BTL is adjusted a little too high. Lowering the ridged end so it touches your dog's ribs will space her away from the front wheel. Also, clip to the side of the harness to keep the BTL at her side.  Clip to the harness at a point  further forward so the BTL mast is beside her ribs to space her from the bike as well.

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