About Pups Path?

Pups Path is a company of pet lovers committed to focusing on providing quality products that will enhance the life of both pet and owner.  At Pups Path, we know first hand that dogs and cats are not just truly pets, they are our children, our brothers, sisters, best friends.  To many of us they are also our saving grace, angels, and guides.  
Our owners have traveled across the country speaking with people and found that there is a need for specific items that aren't easily obtained and found.  While one owner does have a Guide Dog for the Blind, they found that not only did that encourage people to speak more freely but it allowed people to speak more freely about the needs of their own dogs and other pets such as cats.  As there are people who need help streamlining and easing their daily life with the care of their dogs, people have not really thought much about easing the daily life of their pet.  There are more dogs and cats across the country than people realize who need a little extra tender care and pampering.  This is where our product line comes in.  
Pups Path focuses on providing items that make everyday life for the dog or cat and its human owner easier and more satisfying without sacrificing quality and customer service.  
We have searched through hundreds of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and such to find products that are here in the U.S.A. and products that are of high quality, respectable history, and reasonable cost for the consumer.  We have searched for  the products that enhance your pets daily life or pamper your pet or your daily life.  In our search we also have found interesting items that are just for the pet, just for the human and some that are for both!  All our products come with a 30 day warranty and many have additional warranties. 
EZ Pet Care Solutions aims to provide products that will make daily life for both human and canine EZier.  We only provide products that are here in the U.S.A.  We love to hear your ideas and what you need or want to make your life or your pets life simpler, more comfortable or EZier in any way!  We will search for ideas, solutions and work with manufacturers to help create access to products that you and your pet truly need!  Part of making your life simpler is also to offer you products on 1 online site that you can purchase all at once without having to surf all over the web.  We have compiled many basic desire categories that people like to spoil themselves and their pups with, categories that allow you to walk Ezier with your pup, & categories that allow you to have fun with your pet whether you want to go out hiking, biking, walking, swimming or just in your own back yard.  Staying active for people is important but it is important for your pet as well!  We have compiled categories to help with walking, training EZier trips to the beach, park or camping.
WHAT DO YOU WANT OR NEED FOR YOU & YOUR PET?  JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER BELOW FOR IDEAS OR EMAIL US WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!  (We have access to millions of items located in the U.S.A. from many many vendors and we will do our best to find the perfect item for you!)
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