QR Tags By WAUDOG Information

WAUDOG collars with QR pet tags

COLLAR Company is now equipping all the accessories by TM WAUDOG with QR pet tags. The smart tags became part of WAUDOG Design, WAUDOG Nylon, WAUDOG Waterproof, WAUDOG Soft,
WAUDOG Clothes, WAUDOG Glamour, and WAUDOG Eco accessories.

The QR passport on the collar allows pet parents to create the pet’s profile in the international database. The person who finds a pet can scan the QR code with their smartphone and get the parent’s contacts. The parent instantly receives a notification about the GPS location of the pet.

Thousands of COLLAR Company’s clients have already appreciated the benefits of smart QR tags.

“The tag is superb: light, durable, and connected to the international database. Easy to activate”, — writes Elena about the new WAUDOG Waterproof collar.

“We checked it. My neighbor scanned the QR code, and I got a notification with a GPS mark. Very convenient” — adds @perun_spaniel on Instagram.

“The tag is plastic, but you can order a metal one. It comes with the instructions. We checked the search: after scanning the QR code, I instantly got a notification with the coordinates”, — writes Alina her feedback.

The registered QR passport contributes to your pet’s safety.

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