Woogie Whompers FAQ

What are all the things the Woogie Whomper can do?

Q: What are all the things the Woogie Whomper can do?

A: Yay. Thanks for asking this question. This is what really sets us apart from any other pet product on the market — it’s multifunctional. Oh, and it’s beautiful and well made. So here are all the things your Woogie Whomper can do:

  1. It’s a toy / game for you and your pet. You hide his toys in the middle and he has fun sticking his head inside and grabbing them out. You tuck them back inside, he gets them back out. It can go on for hours if you’d like! And, if you have to leave the house, you can always place them back in and he’ll have fun getting them out while you are away, or he may decide just to sleep right on top of all his toys.
  2. It’s storage for all their woogie toys. We call all their toys “woogies” so this is where that name came from. When you need to clean up the house, it’s pretty fast and easy to just stash them all inside the Woogie Whomper. Disclaimer: It’s best if you do this while your angels are NOT watching. Otherwise, it tends to turn into the game (see #1 above) and distracts everyone from your intent to put all the woogies away. If you need the house to be woogie-free for a long time, you may want to consider moving their Whompers into the bedroom. If your pet is in the same room as their woogie filled Whomper, no guarantees they won’t sneak in and grab their woogies, thus interrupting your woogie-free floor.
  3. It’s a bed. It makes a very comfy, snuggly bed with or without their toys inside. Because it’s round and has that donut bottom, they like to get in the center and have it hug them. Every Woogie Whomper comes with a matching blanket so they are all set for the perfect nap.
  4. It’s a suit case for your pets. When traveling with your angels, all you have to do is unzip the bottom and put their stuff inside. You can probably get their bowls, some woogie toys, their blanket, some food and treats all in that bottom donut area. Zip it back up and it’s all neatly packed in one convenient place. The Woogie Whomper also makes a great travel bed for them.
  5. It’s an ALL DAY HUG. Yes, this Woogie Whomper is an all day hug that your pets can enjoy. The bed will hug them while they sleep, and having all their toys under them or around them if they take them all out again, reminds them how much you love them.

Q: Can these be washed?

A:  Yes, the fabric can. You can wash your Woogie Whomper but... Please take out all the foam before you wash it. If you need to wash the foam and it doesn’t come out well, please call us as we can get the foam replaced. For the rest of the Woogie Whomper, please wash using cold water and low heat on the dryer. The top fabric is upholstery fabric so think of it like you’re washing your coach... No bleach, no harsh chemicals, no hot water or high heat.  

Q: How durable are they?

A:  They have survived Vector so I give them an A+. That said, if your dog always tears up his/her bed and or really loves to chew up things, then this may not be the bed for them. Vector has not chewed the straps but they are out there and may be just too tempting for your angel if he/she loves to chew things like that. Otherwise, we’re confident they will be your pets favorite toy and bed and will last a long, long time.

Q: What are the fabrics made of?

A:  The bottoms (donut part) are all made out of durable nylon with polyester backing. The designer top is always an upholstery material but the exact fibers that make up the design/fabric will vary. The fabric details for each unique Woogie Whomper can be found on the detail page. Please check there for the specifics. Okay?

Q: Can I return it?

A:  Of course. We want you to be 10000000% happy with your Woogie Whomper so once you get it and you don’t like it or isn’t what you expected, please return it and we’ll get you refunded asap. Now, we would like to ask you why you didn’t like it as this helps us but that is the only question we’ll ask. I promise. In your box, you’ll have a UPS label and return form. Return shipping is paid for so no need to do anything other than fill out the return form and put it in the box with the Woogie Whomper, tape up the box and add the label... oh, and get it back to UPS or you can call them and they will pick it up.

Q: What if the one I want is out of stock?

A:  Well, it depends. If we can get more of that fabric then we’ll get you one. The fabrics are usually very limited in supply because they change with the season, so it’s not like they will always be there for us.  If we can’t get more of the fabric you want, then we’ll help you select another fabric that you will love. You'll be able to tell which fabrics are more custom and limited by the number we have in stock — when you are looking at an individual product. Those that are very limited we usually stock 10 at a time. On others, we have larger quantities, up to 250!

Q: How do I get my dog to play with it?

A:  That’s easy and the most fun!! All you have to do is have him watch you put his toys inside the Woggie Whomper. Once he sees you do this, he’ll most likely go right in after them. Now, if he’s not really used to you and he playing like this, then it may take a time or two and you may have to pretend you want that toy more than he does and get in there yourself. No, you don’t have to get your whole head inside like he will, probably just your hand will do! If the whole thing is super foreign to him, then try placing a treat in the middle then holding up the edge so he knows he can go inside. Don’t scare him (by moving quickly or moving the treat or anything like that) when he gets in there because then he’ll be afraid and think he’s not supposed to get inside. A few times of you holding it open and praising him when he goes in should do the trick. Watch Annie teaching Pippy how to do it:

Q: Is there a size limit?

A:  Well, probably. We hate to use the word “limit” but the Woogie Whomper is only  32” across, so while medium sized dog will fit, bigger dogs are too long to find it comfortable. Weight limit? We use a dense 1“ thick luxury furniture grade foam in the top, but the center of the bed is sitting above taut fabric encasing the “hole” in the donut of foam in the bottom piece. Over about 35lbs or more and they’re making a pretty deep indentation in

Q: How will my Woogie Whomper be shipped and how much will that cost?

A:  Your Woogie Whomper will come to you from our friends at UPS. They are fully assembled when they’re shipped so you won’t have to do anything but take it out and stuff it with your dog’s woogie toys. The size of the shipping box will either be 33x33x5 or 27x27x5. The cost of shipping will depend on where you live. During the check out process, you’ll be able to see the shipping cost that is tied to your zip code.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Woogie Whomper?

A:  If you order before 11 am Mountain time, we can usually get it to UPS that day. if we miss that, then it will be on the truck the following day. Unless you specify otherwise at check out, they are shipped ground so the delivery date will depend on where you live. You will be notified when your Whomper is with UPS and then you’ll be able to track it from there.



Cautions: Do not use solvents to spot clean. If you want to spot clean, use water-based shampoos or upholstery cleaner. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is not recommended.

Cleaning Instructions: Remove all foam before washing. Wash with care. Use low temperatures and permanent press or more delicate cycle. Cool drying temperature.

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