Puppy Tidbits & Tricks

Welcome to our Tidbit & Tricks section! 

Ideas to help make day to day life for yourself and for your pup EZier. and More Fulfilling!


Tips To Help Any Dog Feel Happier & Healthier:

  • Exercise your dog every day
  • Watch your dog’s weight – always feed your pup according to manufacturer’s suggested feeding on the back of food bag/label and your dog’s veterinarian.
  • Treat your dog for Heartworm by preventing it
  • Vaccinate your pup and continue to give boosters as directed by your Vet! Don’t forget the Rattlesnake Vaccine!
  • Spay or Neuter your Pup!
  • Declare war on Ticks and Fleas by using a preventative treatment and checking your pup frequently for any critters
  • Keep your pups mouth clean! Just like Humans, having a dental checkups and good dental hygiene will enhance the life  and possibly lengthen your  pup’s longevity.
  • Always have toys accessible to your pup/dog to relieve stress and provide entertainment
  • Nylabones! Nylabones! Nylabones! These relieve stress and will NOT splinter in the pups intestinal tract! They help with dental hygiene as well!  KONG also makes some good chewing products!
  • Do not allow your dog to roam free – a dog that roams free is susceptible to many dangers. They can get ahold of poisons (even ones on lawns), be exposed to diseases, could be involved in automobile accidents or attacked by predators and so many more !
  • Keep your dog brushed daily. Not only does this help your pups’ skin and coat but it gives some wonderful “bonding time” for you and your dog!  Even 5 minutes of brushing a day is better than none at all!
  • Provide a draft-free place for your dog to rest. Be sure it is in a quiet place.  Providing a blanket, pillow and a bone or stuffing free toy for the pup to have in “his/her” private area is an added comfort for the pup
  • Dog-Proof your home! Keep all medicines and poisons up where a dog cannot reach just as you would for a toddler! Dogs are curious.  They love to get into cupboards, and many can climb or reach high so keep those poisons and medications out of reach!  Bottles are fun to them and they love the noise they make-keep them safe!
  • Make access to Electrical wires and outlets puppy safe! Remember that dogs love to chew and wires/cords are like ropes to them.  They will grab them and chew them quickly ! 
  • Baby Gates do wonders to prevent dogs from going into specific  rooms and going up and down steps!  Don’t forget though, many pups are jumpers and can leap over them!  Others will chew through them if you purchase a wooden one so choose your gate wisely!
  • Darkness: Some dogs are afraid of the dark.  Use a nightlight to help them feel more secure. (yes, even your big bad big labs will refuse to go in a room or outside to go “potty” without a light at night”
  • Storms & Loud Noises are extremely intensified by dogs. Give them a blanket, small area to  cuddle into and turn up your tv or music to help cover the noise that is scaring them.
  • Nylabones have flavor!  Drop them in boiling water to reinvigorate the flavor! (Please be sure to let them cool prior to giving them back to your pup!)



  1. Puppy wont let you brush his/her teeth? Put toothpaste on their Nyla bone, rope toy or anything hard they like to chew! Some puppies wont use actual “puppy toothpaste” but love kids toothpaste!  Try different flavors such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pooh Bear toothpaste!
  2. Rubber Gloves pick up dog hair! Slide them on and rub them over your furniture or clothes!
  3. Pancake Bottles: They make great “crunch crunch” bottles for play, squirt bottles to cool your pup, or squirt bottles to give them a drink (clip a carabiner on its handle to carry)
  4. Rub a Walnut over wooden furniture to cover up scratches from your pup! The oil in the walnut goes into the wood and covers up the scratch!
  5. Medication Pockets: Make your own YUMMY Pockets:  1 T Milk, 1 T Crunchy Peanut Butter and 2 T flour (any kind)  Mix together and form into shape of your choice. Store in freezer.  (Makes about 12 small pockets)
  6. Dreaded Drool Marks: The Magic Eraser Magic! Use 1 to scrub them away easily!
  7. Use a carabiner to quickly and easily leash your dog. Place the carabiner through the handle of the leash and then wrap the leash around a sturdy post.  Hook the leash through the carabiner.
  8. Packing tape can be wrapped around your hand or an old round brush, cup or old container to pick up dog hair off furniture or clothes
  9. You can place sandpaper on wood or on an area where your pup walks to file their nails on a regular basis. Many pups can be trained to file their own nails.  Placing sandpaper on a highly traveled area of your pup will do this automatically
  10. Baking soda works great to remove urine smell from carpet and cloth. Pour the baking soda over the spot and let it sit.  Sweep/Vacuum it up.
  11. Have a shirt or old pants you are throwing out? Stuff it for your pup! Your pup loves your smell. Give it you to cuddle up to when you aren’t there! OR use that shirt over your lap to keep fur from getting on you when you are dressed up!
  12. Create your own Puzzle Toy: Use a Cupcake Pan to place small treats in, put tennis balls over a few of them. 
  13. Is your dog eating too fast? Place a ball in their food.  This will slow them down by forcing them to move the ball out of their way
  14. Bath time: Using a brush that fits over your hand to help rub the soap into and around your pup allows the puppy to think you are brushing instead of bathing!  Rinse with a teapot, or pitcher to help direct water exactly where you want! Grab a plastic kiddie pool and fill it with warm water and some puppy toys! Your pup will jump right in! If he/she doesn't, try throwing in a new nylabone-they are flavored so it will entice them!
  15. Use old clothes to make a tug toy
  16. Storing dog Leashes, Collars, Harnesses, Brushes, Powders, etc: Keyholders/keyhook,  shower caddys, straight curtain rods and coat racks work great!
  17. Alternate Toys: Keep some toys put up.  Rotate what toys are available to your pup in his/her toy box
  18. Dog food and Treat Storage: Pitchers work but if you know someone who has a cat…the plastic litter boxes are wonderful to store your dog food in after they are completely cleaned and sterilized!
  19. Use a front clip harness to minimize how much a dog can pull on a harness. A harness that clips on the back will allow for more pulling.
  20. Popsicles melt too quickly for your pup? Use a cake mold or cupcake molds instead!  Freeze chicken broth, fruit, fruit juice or any concoction.
  21. Skunked dog?? Use Soap, Peroxide & Baking Soda to remove the smell
  22. Stuff toys such as Kong with your own recipes, cheese, or frozen fruit
  23. CHEWERS: Ice Toy!  Use a cake mold and place hard toys inside with water or water and beef/chicken broth and freeze!  This will provide lots of chewing!
  24. DRYER SHEETS: Use dryer sheets to pick up fur from your furniture AND rub them on your pup to keep static off your dog.  Rubbing them on yourself also helps!
  25. During hunting season, Use a bright colored bandanna on your pup at all times
  26. Home-Made Flea Shampoo: 1 C Dawn, 1 C Vinegar, 1 Qt warm water.  Instructions:  Mix, place pup in tub and massage onto pup and let sit for 5 minutes. 
  27. Pet hair on floors: Squeegee your floors!  It works great!  Use an I-Robot coupled with a Swiffer Wet Jet
  28. Fresh Parsley or Mint can be sprinkled on your pups food to freshen their breath
  29. Teach your dog to catch by tossing it popcorn or small bites of cheese.
  30. Tooth trouble=Eating trouble: Mix 50/50 water and chicken broth &microwave 20-30 seconds.  Pour on pups food and stir.  Test the temperature before serving.  This will soften the food a bit for the pup
    Please Feel Free To Send In Any Ideas, Questions, Or Comments You May Have!



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