Training Old Pups & New Pups

Puppies of all ages need help with staying in the yard, paying attention to when to sit, lay down, heel and do basic commands.  Even our well behaved older pups will often have days that they need reminded.  Obedience training often slips their minds so out of love we must remember to repeat the training with them to keep it fresh.  This Treasure Trove Collection has everything from clickers to collars to help you wrangle in your pups behavior. 

Hunters will also find many items to help them with their pups in this Treasure Trove Collection!

EZ Pet Care Solutions believes that repetitive humane training can teach any pup to follow commands when the pup is shown love and praise for their good work.  Please use any electric fencing and collar with minimal settings necessary to only effectively control the needed behavior.  If you are unsure as to how to use these devices send us an email an we will be happy to direct you to a professional who can assist you!

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