Home Crafted Toys, Puzzles & Such

Every pup needs more entertainment than anyone can every afford to purchase products for! These ideas are great to entertain your pup in between the wonderful toys and puzzles that you buy them.

1. A Cereal Box that is empty makes a great puzzle box!  Cut a few holes in the box and place a couple small nutritious treats inside and set on the floor and your pup will have lots of fun for quite some time trying to get the treat out! 

2.  Tennis Ball Tug Toy:  Tennis Balls are great and cheap! Used old ones are even better!  Take a Tennis Ball and cut a hole in both sides and tie an old towel or old shirt  or old sheet (doubled) through it.  

3.  PVC Puzzles:  PVC pipes with holes drilled in them make wonderful puzzles for pups!  you can put holes wherever you like in different pipes and with pipes that have angles on them!

4.  A Bouncy Toss toy: Take a tennis ball & wrap an old shirt around it.  Tie a rubber band around the shirt to secure the ball and THROW.

5.  Milk Jugs...Give your pup hours of fun!  Milk jugs entertain them for longer than any water bottle!

6.  Muffin Tin Puzzle:  Fill with tennis balls to make it difficult or fill with treats to make it easy.  put treats under tennis balls for incentive.


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