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KONG Playground Treat Dispensing Cat Toy

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  • The KONG Cat Playground has everything your kitty needs for exciting playtime all in one place! This multi-functional toy entices cats with a dangling mouse (stuffed with KONG premium Catnip) and a ringing bell ball, and features a treat dispenser to reward healthy, mentally stimulating activity.

    • Mentally stimulating treat dispenser and feeder
    • Enticing catnip mouse and bell ball action
    • Ideal for independent play

    The mentally stimulating treat dispenser and water trough are perfect for your cat's independent playtime, especially in the hours when no one else is home. Easy assembly, no tools required.

    Dimensions: 9.75" wide

    Instructions for Assembly:
    1. Snap the treat-dispensing wheel into place between the two upright pieces; it spins when installed correctly. Place treats in the dispenser for a tasty challenge.
    2. Unscrew the bolt from the center of the toy.
    3. Place the pole with the flat edge down over the bolt hole.
    4. Put the bolt through both the metal pole and follow the threads to tighten in place.
    5. Give the KONG Playground to your cat and wait for the fun to begin.

    Your cat sleeps up to 16 hours a day. KONG cat toys are designed to make sure its awake hours are full of healthy exercise, mental stimulation, and fun!

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