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Dog Bike Leash for Riding safely; with your dog(s). The Standard length Bike Tow Leash with standard clamp recommended for bikes, trikes & mobility scooters.  Amazingly fun and stable, the BTL prevents tiping and tangling making biking with your dog enjoyably stress free and rewarding.  The BTL automatically reacts to the dogs movements as you would with an extra arm mounted low on your bike.  It has a shoulder , elbow and wrist resilient barrier between your dog and bike to protect and gently communicate bike direction and speed changes.  No special training is needed for dogs 10 to 185 pounds.  The Bike Tow Leash comes with use  instructions and mounts without tools in less than 1 minute to LHS of bicycles.  On some bikes and trikes with two rear wheels, right side mounting requires an additional accessory from    When choosing color, for safety, we recommend a contrast between Bike Tow Leash color and bike so people can see your dog(s) are attached to your bike.  Fits on both sides of wide tire bikes with or without disc brakes.  Attaches directly to trikes with a single rear wheel and mobility scooters.  For adult trikes with two rear wheels the Adult Trike Adapter is required.  For special needs wheel chairs, use the Special Needs Bike Tow Leash Shortened for Wheel Chairs.  

What's Included With This Price?

The Bike Tow Leash:

1 x Pre-Assembled Bike Tow Leash
1 x Standard Mounting Clamp for bike left side & single sprocket right side
1 x Installation Instructions, on product, on line and in videos
1 x A Whole New Social Networking Avenue!
 Dog Nails trimmed while you ride! 
Years of Enjoyment 
 Everyting you need to attach to all bikes mobility scooters and trikes with two front wheels. Same as Above  above,  plus  Right Side Adjustment, Chain Stay Clamp and Quick Mount.

The Bike Tow Leash For Chairs:
1 x Pre-Assembled Bike Tow Leash
1 x Standard Mounting Clamp
1 x Installation Instructions
1 x Unique Conversation Starter!
Years of Enjoyment!
The Bike Tow Leash For Trikes Package:
1 x Trike Adapter
1 x Pre-Assembled Bike Tow Leash
1 x Universal Mounting Clamp
1 x Installation Instructions
1 x Unique Conversation Starter!
Years of Enjoyment!
  • The Most Durable & Versatile

    For dogs weighting 10 to 185 lbs with bikes, trikes, scooters, and wheelchairs.

  • Safest & Most Stable

    The BTL offers the lowest available mounting point. Is your dog a champion squirrel chaser? NO problem! Stable even when large dogs lunge away or efficiently propel the bike.

  • Effective Safety Barrier

    Resilient design which keeps dog safely away from hazardous bike parts even on rough trails.

  • Most Fun & Easy To Use

    Installs in seconds, no tools required. Then you are off to explore with your 4 legged friend(s)!


    Use our Bike Tow Leash Dog Biking and Walking Collar designed specifically for safe dog biking and everyday use. This martingale type collar will keep your dog attached in high distraction areas.  The design eliminates need to switch collars or harnesses in between rides and walks. When attached to the center ring, the smaller, martingale, loop keeps your dog from slipping out of the collar by reducing the size.  The collar circumference adjusts from 13.5 to 24 inches.




Other products risk bike tipping, dog impaling, entrapment, tangling and inadvertent release! Dogs learn safe dog biking with the Bike Tow Leash® in just a few strides.

Comes standard to fit on the left hand side of your bicycle. If you would like to have your BTL pre-adjusted to fit on the Right Hand Side of your bike, please select right hand adjustment. You can also make this adjustment yourself later if you are not sure.   For right hand bike installations with multiple rear sprockets,  check which of the following you need, Quick Mount or Chain Stay clamp, and add the one that fits the bike to your cart.  

The Right Hand side adjustment is simply the outer clamp rotated inside the black coupling, so the clip end of the Bike Tow Leash points forward when mounted on the right side of your bike.  PLEASE NOTE;  If you have multiple rear sprockets, gears and rear derailleur, You will need either a Quick Mount or Chain Stay Clamp to avoid  the chain. Click on the installation chart link below and scroll down to find your bike.    You can adjust your Bike Tow Leash, for use on either side and for different dog sizes using the alcohol adjustment method found in bike tow leash instructions 

This installation chart is used as a guide for example Bike Tow Leash attachments. If your bike is not listed it does NOT mean your bike won't fit a Bike Tow Leash. To figure out what you need yourself, the quick mount requires 5/8 of an inch flat area forward, above and below the rear axle. If not enough flat area for the Quick Mount, the Chain Stay Clamp is your next option. Please contact us with bike photo,  make and model, if you have any questions about fitting your bike, adjustment and what you may need to attach the Bike Tow Leash. 

Made in the USA, the robust Bike Tow Leash® can be yours today, shipped directly from its creator!


Even on Narrow Trails

K9 Conditioning Tool For:  Dog owners, trainers, dog walkers, cyclists, law enforcement, military, mobility challenged, search and rescue


Here is why the Bike Tow Leash is the Best:

  • Most Safe,Easy and fun way to exercise with your dog!
    •NO-Bike tipping or leash tangling as when you run or ride with anything else.
    •Stable and Absorbs Harsh Jerks
    •Better for hands and Shoulders.
    •SAFE-Adds nothing to the bike capable of Pinching Scratching or Puncturing –Dog or Rider
    •Enjoy 1000’s of miles without a scratch
    •2 year warranty!
    •Prevents running over your dog.
    •Easier on dog’s joints than playing fetch.
    •Made in the USA
    •Complete Control–of Both Dog and Bike through out every ride.
    •Only BTL Automatically communicates bike direction and speed changes.
    •Gently Guides and Guards dog.
    •Allows Dog to avoid Obstacles
    •Rewards dog for HEEL POSITION BESIDE RIDER.
    •Lowest mounting point compared to other leashes provides most stability.


Made Using Solar Energy

10 to 185 pound dog(s), Knobby tire bike with Good brakes,
A minute for installation, NO tools or special training necessary!
Steady bicycle, trike, scooter or wheelchair rider and water.


Our Customers Love the BTL!

American Pet Association Review!
•Approval Status -APA 5 Star Approved
“The safest bike leash we have seen”.
•APA Advice -Riding with your dog, when handled responsibly, can be a great activity for you and your dog. This product is the only such device we have considered approving and it exceeded our expectations.


My only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner!

-Emily, FL

This is the best thing ever for us and our dog, Jett. -Thomi, ME

The customer service is also great. You have any questions and they get back to you ASAP.

-Lynn, CA

Has given me a new lease of life!

-Tracy, Ireland (wheelchair user)

Everyone who’s dog is taking them for a walk should have one.

-Jon, Canada

Brilliant way of tiring out an energetic dog, I’ve had it on roads,woodland trails, hill walks and on the beach in the last 3 years.

-Stephen, Ireland

-Yumi, Australia

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