Woogie Whompers

WOOGIE WHOMPERS ARE HERE!  What are all the things the Woogie Whomper can do?  

It’s a toy / game for you and your pet. You hide his toys in the middle and he has fun sticking his head inside and grabbing them out. You tuck them back inside, he gets them back out. It can go on for hours if you’d like! And, if you have to leave the house, you can always place them back in and he’ll have fun getting them out while you are away, or he may decide just to sleep right on top of all his toys.


It’s storage for all their woogie toys. We call all their toys “woogies” so this is where that name came from. When you need to clean up the house, it’s pretty fast and easy to just stash them all inside the Woogie Whomper. Disclaimer: It’s best if you do this while your angels are NOT watching. Otherwise, it tends to turn into the game (see #1 above) and distracts everyone from your intent to put all the woogies away. If you need the house to be woogie-free for a long time, you may want to consider moving their Whompers into the bedroom. If your pet is in the same room as their woogie filled Whomper, no guarantees they won’t sneak in and grab their woogies, thus interrupting your woogie-free floor.


It’s a bed. It makes a very comfy, snuggly bed with or without their toys inside. Because it’s round and has that donut bottom, they like to get in the center and have it hug them. Every Woogie Whomper comes with a matching blanket so they are all set for the perfect nap.


It’s a suit case for your pets. When traveling with your angels, all you have to do is unzip the bottom and put their stuff inside. You can probably get their bowls, some woogie toys, their blanket, some food and treats all in that bottom donut area. Zip it back up and it’s all neatly packed in one convenient place. The Woogie Whomper also makes a great travel bed for them.


It’s an ALL DAY HUG. Yes, this Woogie Whomper is an all day hug that your pets can enjoy. The bed will hug them while they sleep, and having all their toys under them or around them if they take them all out again, reminds them how much you love them.

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