Jolly Pet Limited Warranty


NOTE! This Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) is applicable only for authentic Horsemen’s Pride/Jolly Pets products with the Horsemen’s Pride/ Jolly Pets Logo sold through authorized HP/JP Distributor and retail dealers, and which HP/JP has intended for sale.

NOTE! This Warranty does not limit the rights you may have under any mandatory consumer protection laws of your country.


Jolly Pets (JP) provides this Warranty for the JP product(s) included in the original sales package (“Product”). JP strongly encourages you to read and follow the product instructions. Please also note that your Product may contain parts which can be damaged if not handled very carefully. During the warranty period, JP or a JP authorized service center will remedy defects from manufacturing, materials and workmanship, free of charge and in a commercially reasonable time by either repairing or replacing your Product at its option.


The warranty period starts when the Product is sold to an end-user for the first time. This can be evidenced by the proof of purchase issued by the retailer.


If you suspect that your Product may require service under this Warranty,  please call a JP for assistance. If you call a JP call center or use other available support, please have the following information readily available:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and other contact information;
  • Your Product type, name, model number, product code, and serial number, which are available from the sales package of your Product;
  • Date and place of purchase, as well as the name of the retailer from whom your Product was first purchased; and
  • A short description of the issue affecting your Product.

If you visit a JP authorized Dealer for assistance under this Warranty, please remember to bring along a copy of the original proof of purchase. You must inform JP or an JP authorized Dealer of the issue affecting your Product within a reasonable time from noticing it and always before the applicable warranty period expires.


JP does not provide a warranty for the following:

  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Defects or damage caused by: (a) misuse, (b) not using your Product in accordance with the user guide, (c) using your Product with, or connecting it to, any product, accessory, or service not manufactured or supplied by HP, (d) any products combined with your Product by a third party, or (e) other acts beyond HP’s reasonable control;

This Warranty is not valid if:

  1. Your Product has been (a) opened, modified, or repaired without HP’s authorization, or (b) repaired with unauthorized spare parts.

If this Warranty does not cover your Product or the issue based on which it requires service, JP and its authorized Dealers reserve the right to charge for the repair or replacement of your Product, as well as a handling fee.


To the extent permitted by applicable law(s), JP shall not under any circumstances be liable, either expressly or implicitly, for any damages or losses of any kind whatsoever as a result of a defect in your Product. Please note that you should always check the safety of each product with every use. Be sure to replace any product with cuts, tears or rips.

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