The Social Pet - Parties and Events

Bar Hoppin Night
Bring your fuzzy furry hamster, bunny, gerbil, guinea pig for a night of fun with obstacle courses, treats and so much more!
Cost:  $12.00
Extra Pet:  $6.00
Third Monday Of Every Month.    6:30 pm
Lizard Luau

Every reptile loves their luaus!  Come sway to the music and swing those tails!

First Monday Of Every Month   5:00 PM

Cost:  $12.00
Extra Pet:  $6.00
Tail Waggin’ Tea Party

Join us for a tail waggin of a tea party! we invite the humans of the house and their furry friends to join in having tea and homemade limited ingredient biscuits. after tea and biscuits, we will do an activity that will vary each month. one month may be a piñata, another a room filled with balls that we all play in and another may be a fun time with games! deposits are non-refundable. if needed, a second day of the month will be scheduled to accommodate others desiring to participate.

Cost:  $12.00
Extra Pet:  $6.00
Birthday Parties.         Paw-mitvas           Easter Parties        Get-Togethers
Halloween Parties.      Christmas Parties     Pet Parent Parties
Just Because Parties
Let us help you celebrate! plan on your own or let us help you!
Party Room with decorations
Piñata (you are responsible for items to go inside)
1/2 hour in our playroom
hats (up to 4, additional guests $7)
treat bags (up to 4, additional guest $3)
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