Pups Path Now Offers Dog Training!

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Pups Path Now Offers Dog Training And Behavior Modification!


We believe in a positive approach to dog training. Our clients will experience training for themselves and anyone in the household along with the training for the dog. A dog owner needs to understand the dog and the dog understand the human for a successful relationship so we assist both you and your pet!

Pups Path Pet Training was implemented to bring a new approach to training your pet! Using only positive approach, we will help you to create a wonderful relationship with your pet that will help pave the way for pawsome experiences throughout you and your pet’s path of life.

No two humans nor two pets are identical and may need different approaches! At Pups Path Pet Training, we continually adjust training tactics according to what works best for you and your pet!

Puppy Training
(10 weeks – 8 months)

Our Puppy Training Sessions are done in small groups with one-on-one guidance. Puppy Training is an essential foundation for your new pet to be comfortable and cooperative in your daily life. We approach our Puppy Training with a “whole life” approach. This means that we start your journey through your the Path of Life together.

1. Socialization
2. Dog Communication
3. Separation Anxiety
4. House Training Instructional Asisstance
5. Learning To Chew On Designated Chew Toys & How To Play
6. Intro to Sit and Beginning Recall
7. Intro To Leash Walking
8. Human Touch Association with Love
9. Car Rides
10. Teaching pets that learning new things and tricks are fun

6 Sessions: $175

Basic Training for 1 dog:
(8 months & up)
1. Sit
2. Stay
3. Leave it
4. Down
5. Come
6. No
7. Leash walking
8. Basic information on daily pet obedience, play, and more

4 - 1 hour sessions … $200
6 - 1 hour sessions… $250

Additional dog:
4 Sessions…. $125
6 Sessions….. $150

Training Level 2:
5 Sessions ….. $250
1. Recall training
2. Release
3. Distraction Training
4. Socialization Training

Behavior Modification:

Number of sessions needed will be determined by your instructor.
Minimal 4 sessions…. $200.
Additional sessions: $60 per session


Puppy Training & Basic Training
12 Sessions: $400

Training Level 1 & 2
12 Sessions $475

Training Level 1 or 2 Combined With Behavior Modification:
10 sessions: $425

**Every New Pet Being Trained Receives a FREE Training Kit. (Leash Only Training Not Included In This Offer)

Training Collar Collar if needed

Personalized Training:

We will create a custom plan of training for you and your pet according to your needs.

4 - 1 Hour Sessions $200
6 - 1 Hour Session $300
Additional Sessions: $45 per hour

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