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Siesta Hanging Cat Bed

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Unique, stylish and fun; the Siesta is unlike any other cat bed on the market. The unique teardrop shape is a hip flourish to any room, and the cozy interior is a great hideaway spot for your kitty to snooze and, of course, hang out.

The Siesta is made from a single piece of You can suspend from the included stand or from any secure anchor point!


  • Stand: 35" tall, base is 23" wide.
  • Siestat Bed: 25" tall and 17" wide at widest point.
  • Doorway is 10.5" wide.
  • Weight of unit is just under 13lbs.


The Siesta Bed swings! It is designed to rock gently back and forth. Most Kitties love this, but be advised that if yours does not WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING RETURNS OR ISSUING REFUNDS for this item for any reason other than defects or damage. If your Kitty proves less adventurous, you can add some links to the chain so that the base rests on the floor.

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