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PetKit Fit P2 Pet Activity Monitor - Gold

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Product Summary:

PETKIT FIT P2 Smart Pet Activity Monitor

The PETKIT P2 Smart Activity Monitor Pet Tracker is an effortless way to track your pet’s activities, with such parameters as sleep tracking, calorie expenditure, mood detection, and a health analysis. Synchronize PETKIT’s software with the downloadable App to load additional applications.

Activity Monitoring: An adapted and advanced sensor, P2 records pet activities 24/7, collects the information and sends it to the cloud for calculations and analysis, and finally reports your dog‘s actual performance on the downloadable App available on all Android (Google Play) and IOS (Apple Smartphone) devices. The P2 model is Bluetooth 4.0 capable, and collects and synchronizes all such activity data right into the cloud and onto your smartphone device. This device features a state-of-the-art, built-in high-performance processor and a highly sensitive low powered 3D monitor capable of sustaining a 4 - 6-month battery life depending on usage. The application is social-active, further allowing users to chat with other users, and share, like, and post photos or videos. This highly interactive application also features a built-in calendar, which further enables users to set medical, feeding, grooming, deworming, vaccination, and de-fleaing, among other reminders, right onto your smartphone device.

Consumption Record: According to your pet’s information, recorded by P2, the expended calories can be precisely calculated. Combined with foods and consumption trends, the quantity of food your pet consumes can be controlled clearly. Combine this device with any PETKIT Fresh Bowl (sold separately) to track caloric consumption and calories burned.

Fit Record: “Today's mood is happy. Health condition is under the standard; Insufficient in total activity time; Too much intense activity time today; Deep sleep time insufficient.” Detailed daily performance with 24-hour continual detection.


  • P2 records pet activities 24/7
  • Downloadable app works with iPhone and Android
  • Bluetooth 4.0 capable
  • State-of-the-art, built-in high performance processor
  • Highly sensitive low-powered 3D monitor; capable of sustaining a 4 - 6-month battery life
  • Sleek, colorful design
  • Light and elegant smart wearable device
  • Magnalium as main material, which is light, safe, sturdy, and eco-friendly
  • Soft-hand touch- 180#Zircon grains with high-speed grinding
  • Smooth body surface
  • Scuffing-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong and sturdy, works perfectly even in bad weather
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Works with any PETKIT Fresh Bowl (sold separately) to track caloric consumption and calories burned
Item Specifications:

App download link:

Indicator Light:
LED laser punching technology

Data transmission; working condition prompting

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Data Storage:
Approximately one week

Button battery:
Included Model CR2032; easy to buy and change. Service time is 4-6 months.

Main body:
Magnalium material; Sandblasting surface treatment; CNC+ anodizing craftsmanship

32bit ARM processor; Low energy Bluetooth 4.0

3D-Accelerator Sensor:
32 bit 3D-Accelerator Sensor: Multi-mode activity data; Real-time Multi-Scenerio

Rubber Seal Ring:

1P7 level of dustproof and waterproof

Lightweight Aluminum IP67 Water Resistant Casing



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