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Lounger Bed w/Repelz It Nano-Technology

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These soft and cozy beds provide a perfect nesting spot for your pet! Dogs love the raised sides to rest their head on.


Repelz-It™ Nanoprotection resists dirty paws, pet stains, liquids, AND reduces the spread of bacteria and "doggie" odor.  



  • 100% soft cotton canvas
  • Inside pillow for added comfort 
  • Perfect fit for any dog- even the smaller breeds!
  • Machine Washable

Repelz- It Nanoprotection to keep pet beds and apparel looking and smelling clean...even after years of use.

Repelz-It uses both nanotechnology and a state-of-the art bacteriostatic to keep stains, dirt, liquid, bacteria and pet odors from sticking to the fabric. Less sticking means less smell.

Repelz It Nanoprotection is pet-safe and APA approved.

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