Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 Dog Training System

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Dogs are the perfect companions, lifetime friends and add joy to our families and homes. It’s no wonder why almost every home and every child across America has grown up with dogs. Lovable and loyal, the moment we hold them in our arms, they quickly become members of our family.

But with that love, comes gentle yet firm discipline. Maybe you need to stop them from jumping on guests, digging holes in the yard or getting into the garbage. Maybe you need to train a new puppy to stay within the boundaries of your property – whatever the scenario, our Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 Dog Training System is the perfect solution to providing the training that your dog needs.

Suitable for dogs 20 lbs. and up, the Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 features a compact, ergonomic design that’s effective, simple and easy to use. Moreover, it features an easy-to-read, large, backlit LED control screen to give you the best visibility, even on the brightest, sunniest days.

You won’t need to worry about restrictive boundaries. The Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 features a range of up to 330 yards or the distance of 3 football fields! Your dog can happily roam and explore while you take control. Since it is water resistant, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting caught in the rain or playing in puddles.

Featuring several different training modes, you can select from up to 16 stimulation, Tone and humane vibration levels to give your dog the most effective and positive training experience. All of these features ensure that you can select a training mode that’s perfect for your dog’s needs.

Every purchase of a HappyHound Dog Training System includes a FREE and EXCLUSIVE digital download of training videos from renowned trainer, Phillip Paris.

With all these great features, the Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 Dog Training System is easily the best purchase you can make for your dog today.


  • Receiver collar size fits dogs weighing 20 lbs. and up
  • Suits a wide range of dog training applications and purposes: Basic Dog Obedience, Counter Surfing, Trash Diving, Digging, Jumping, and much more
  • 16 stimulation and vibration training levels to suit every dog’s training needs
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Water Resistant
  • Range: Up to 330 Yards
  • Vibration, Stimulation and Tone Training Modes
  • Simple, user-friendly controls
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Large, backlit LED screen for the best visibility on bright, sunny days
  • One Year Warranty

What’s in the box?

  • Digital Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver
  • Test Light
  • Set of Contact Points
  • Wrist Strap
  • Batteries
  • Manual
  • Exclusive Digital Download of Training videos from renowned trainer Phillip Paris

What’s included in our training video – Comprehensive training on the proper way to use your Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330, Plus Bonus videos on:

  1. Proper Dog Training Equipment
  2. Perfect Leash Walking
  3. Teaching your Dog the Sit Command

A $20 value FREE just for purchasing a HappyHound Dog Training System. Don’t pay too much for a Remote Trainer, and don’t risk buying a super cheap option that will only disappoint you. With HappyHound you get the best of all worlds at a fair and reasonable price.

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