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Cooling Mat

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The self cooling mat attracts a pet to lay on it during warm weather. The cooling material maintains room temperature, which is cooler than the pet's natural body temperature. Now any dog bed can deliver cooling comfort - with the addition of this innovative gel pad. The Cooling Gel Pad cools without the need for refrigeration or freezing.

It can be placed on top of the cover of any dog bed during the warmest seasons to relieve your pet. The soft polyester/nylon cover is water resistant, and the interior contains soft foam and nontoxic gel that automatically stays cool while disseminating your dog's body heat. Better still, the pad is reusable over and over again.


Color: Blue
Outside Material: Nylon
Inside Material: Gel and Sponge
Non toxic
No refrigeration needed


SmallĀ 15.5 X 12 Inches

Medium 15.5 x 12 Inches (40x30x1cm)

LargeĀ Ā 25.5 X 19.5 Inches

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