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Comfort Trainer

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Here's a sizing guide to help you with your order:

Size 1: 5 - 10 Pound Dogs
Size 2: 11 - 25 Pound Dogs
Size 2 Thin: 11 - 25 Pound Dogs with short noses
Size 3: 26 - 55 Pound Dogs
Size 4: 56 - 80 Pound Dogs
Size 5: 81 - 110 Pound Dogs
Size 6: 11- 150 Pound Dogs
Size 6+: Dogs over 150 Pounds

If you have a large or highly reactive dog, purchase a Freedom Harness along with a Comfort Trainer and Double-Clip Leash. The pairing of these training tools will give you the ultimate control to redirect your dog quickly and gently.When working with a highly reactive dog, use both the Comfort Trainer and Freedom Harness together. This gives you "power steering" to aid in teaching your dog to focus, without having to use forceful methods.  Should you be uncertain of how to use any of these training tools, purchase the book, Click and Easy: Clicker Training for Dogs, as it details how to use head halters and front connecting harnesses individually, and together.

Training tools, such as the Comfort Trainer, are not life-long restraining devices. They are to be used when training your dog and then phased out.  The end result is a dog who works well using only a front connecting harness.

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