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Bergman Auto Harness

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Auto Harness
Grey/Black - Small

The Bergan Auto Harness is perfect for quick trips to the park and long vacations. This step-in style harness comes equipped with a front D-ring and back D-ring making it easy to switch from the car to the trail. This harness has been crash tested to ensure durability. Travel harnesses minimize driving distractions and protect you and your pet. Securing your dog in the car is as easy as putting the seat belt through the two loops on the back of the harness. The harness is padded for comfort and protection.
Go from car to walking with your dog seamlessly with the Bergan Auto Harness! This harness features two loops on its back that easily secure dogs in the car with a seatbelt, then transition for use with a leash while walking. A front D-ring connect is also available for added convenience. This auto harness provides superior safety while traveling with a crash-tested design.

 Using an auto harness during travel with your dog helps eliminate distractions for safe, enjoyable traveling. Its step-in-style design makes it easy to put on dogs, even dogs who attempt to back out of harnesses. Plus, your canine will love the comfort of the padded chest pad and soft nylon material. Use this auto harness on your next trip to keep your dog comfortable and safe!

Minimizes driving distractions. Doubles as walking harness.

Available Sizes:
Small ... 10-25 lbs
Medium ... 25-50 lbs
Large ... 50-80 lbs
X-Large ... 80-150 lbs

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