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Automatic Treat Dispenser Game Puzzle

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1、Brain training: This game is perfect for allowing your dog's brain to become interactive and training themselves to understand the fetch/treat scenario.

2、Safety: This dog toy features multiple motion and safety sensors to detect and protect people or pets; a front motion sensor protects dogs and people standing in front of the launch area

3、Taking up no space: Easy to place indoors or outdoors, suitable for free corners.Your dog will like it very much.

4、Easy to use: This ball game couldn't be easier to use. The innovative design allows your dog to play this game by themselves, all they need to do is fetch the ball and drop it back into the console to receive a treat. Once the ball is dropped back into the console, it triggers a treat of your choice to be released and the ball will be rolled from the console to start the game all over again!

5、Product size:18.5 * 18 * 18cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pet bites of different ages, with removable physical disk on both sides.


Color: off-white

Size: 18.5 * 18 * 18cm

Material: PP

Quantity: 1pc

Type: Reward Machine

Dog Size:  All 

Feature:  Tennis Ball Fetch 

Model: Pet Tennis Trainer

Package Include:

1 * Pet Tennis Trainer

1 * feeding spoon

2 * tennis

2 * Food Plate(Removable board)

1 * English manual



  • Easy to place indoors or outdoors, suitable for free corners.
  • Getting the ball is the dog's favorite game
  • Automatic dog feeding treatment ball launcher

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