Anti-Bark Ultrasonic Deterrent Repeller Training Device

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Protect yourself from aggressive dogs and animals with the Ultrasonic Dog Repeller. This device emits piercing ultrasonic tone that dogs hate, scaring them away immediately. This noise is silent and harmless to humans.

Use it to repel dogs, deer, raccoons, cats, skunks, opossums, rodents and bats without snares or toxins.

Can also be used to train dogs. Requires DC 9 V battery (not included), and comes with a wrist strap attached for easy carrying. Perfect for keeping pesky pets away while your jogging, walking, or bicycling. Small, light and compact, will fit into your pocket or can we worn around your wrist.


  • Emits piercing ultrasonic tone that dogs hate
  • Ultrasonic signal effectively deters dogs, cats, deer and rodents
  • Silent and harmless to humans
  • Stop approaching dog before it can bite or attack you
  • Can be used to train dogs
  • Requires DC 9 V battery (not included)
  • Comes with convenient wrist strap for easy carrying

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