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Dogtra Company offers some of the most impressive remote dog training systems in the world. Based out of California, Dogtra strives to offer a wide variety of electric dog collars to suit the needs of pet owners and trainers with small, more timid dogs, larger, more stubborn dogs, sporting dogs, and even K9 police working dogs. When you discover Dogtra remote trainers, you discover innovation at its finest.


Whether you are struggling with controlling your dog’s behavior issues like counter surfing, car chasing or nuisance barking, or you are simply in search of an affordable training tool that enhances dog obedience, encourages learning of simple commands or improves your next hunting adventure, you have come to the right place. Dogtra offers an impressive line-up of versatile remote dog training systems that are designed to meet your dog’s unique needs. Dogtra’s exclusive “exact-stim” stimulation control ensures that you can select the perfect level of static stimulation for your situation, and the non-stimulating pager-vibration function enables you to get your dog’s attention when you need it the most without worrying about over-stimulating with static correction.


Stimulation Control:
Dogtra brand e-collars offer the exclusive “exact-stim” stimulation control function that enables you to select the perfect level of static correction for your dog without worrying about large jumps between levels.

Types of Static Stimulation:
Choose between a rapid pulse of static correction (referred to as “nick” stimulation) to get your dog’s attention instantly, or constant stimulation that delivers a continuous level of static correction for as long as the button is pressed- up to 12 seconds. The 12 second auto-shutoff ensures that you never accidentally overstimulate your dog.

Attention Getter Vibration Mode:
The non-stimulating pager/ vibration function lets you get your dog’s attention without the use of static correction. In many cases, once a dog has been corrected with static stimulation a few times, trainers can switch to the Attention Getter mode and avoid the use of static correction except on rare occasions.

Static Stimulation Output Levels:
Dogtra offers collars with a low/ medium stimulation output range that are designed for smaller dogs or dogs with a more mild temperament weighing as little as just 15 lbs., while the low/ high stimulation output collars are specifically designed for larger breeds weighing at least 20 lbs. who are more stubborn or experiencing a more intense training session.

Waterproof Design:
Most Dogtra remote training systems are designed to be completely waterproof enabling you to train in adverse weather conditions and in or near bodies of water and making your remote trainer as versatile as you are. (Please note that the I.Q. Pet series remote control transmitters are water resistant only.)

Transmit Range:
Whether you are training your dog indoors or out on the farm, Dogtra has a remote training system that is perfect for your situation. With trainers that offer line of sight range from 400 yards to 1 mile, off leash training can be worry free.

Batteries & Charging:
Dogtra remote training devices are now all equipped with Li-Polymer batteries that offer an impressive 2 hour quick charge so your system will be ready whenever you are.

An Excellent Selection of Dogtra Models to Choose From.

ALL OF THE DOGTRA REMOTE TRAINING SYSTEMS OFFER ALL OF THE ABOVE FEATURES. But each model features unique characteristics that set them apart.

Dogtra 1900s


This best seller is the perfect choice for companion pet training, K9 Police work and hunting dog training alike when high power output is a must.

  • 3/4 mile line of sight range
  • Low/ high power output
  • Dog ergonomic, low profile receiver-collar
  • LCD screen enables you to see the stimulation level and remaining battery life even while training in the dark
  • Designed for larger dogs weighing over 20 lbs.
  • 127 levels of precise stimulation
  • Non-slip checkered grips on transmitter
  • Enhanced contact points
  • High performance Pager / vibration mode
  • Li-Polymer batteries with 2 hour quick charge
Dogtra 2300 Expandable


If you are searching for an advanced level remote dog training system the 2300 EXPANDABLE is an excellent option. Whether you are training your dog in competition or K9 Police work, or you are looking for a training tool for your next hunting adventure, the 2300 EXPANDABLE has got you covered.

  • ž mile range
  • 127 levels of precise static correction
  • Expandable up to 2 dogs
  • LCD screen makes training in dimly lit areas a breeze. The display features the exact stimulation level and remaining battery life
  • Designed for dogs that weigh at least 20 pounds.
  • Equipped with 2 hour charge Li-Polymer batteries
Dogtra 3500 NCP


Designed specifically for extreme training adventures, the Super-X boasts an abundance of exceptional features that make it ideal for training under pressure.

  • 1 mile transmit range
  • 127 stimulation levels for a precise fit with your dog’s temperament
  • Unique toggle switch lets you adjust the range of correction for your specific dog
  • Intended for dogs weighing a minimum 20 lbs.
  • LCD screen displays the exact level of stimulation and remaining battery life making this e-collar ideal for training in poorly lit areas
  • Li-Polymer batteries offer two hour charging
Dogtra Edge RT


The innovative Edge RT series is a perfect solution when you are faced with more demanding training adventures.

  • 1 mile range
  • Advanced stimulation/ combination buttons
  • Expandable for up to 3 dogs
  • Dial adjustable stimulation with levels 1 through 8
  • Adjustable contact points (5/8” to 3/4")
  • Low/ high power output designed for larger, more stubborn breeds of dogs weighing 20 lbs and up.
  • Li-Polymer batteries offer convenient two hour charge
Dogtra Edge


Professional trainers and dedicated amateurs alike will appreciate the versatility of the Edge series remote training systems.

  • 1 mile range
  • Interchangeable step dial stimulation or rheostat intensity dial stimulation
  • Expandable for up to 4 dogs
  • Receiver collar features built in LED lights for night training
  • Contact points are interchangeable
  • LCD displays the level of stimulation, the mode and the remaining battery life
  • Designed for dogs weighing 20 lbs. and up
  • Convenient Li-Polymer batteries offer 2 hour fast charge
Dogtra 2500


Advanced design enables this beeper collar to offer the advanced features you need for your next upland hunting adventure while eliminating that bulky beeper horn that sits atop your dog’s head like you’ve seen with other beeper systems.

  • 1 mile transmit range
  • Equipped with 3 beeper modes including “point only”, “run and point” and “locate”
  • Offers 2 beeper tones (low tone and high tone)
  • 2 dog unit also available
  • Designed for dogs weighing at least 20 lbs.
  • 127 levels of precise stimulation
  • Low/ high power output
  • LCD Screen enables you to see the level of stimulation and remaining battery life even in dim lighting
  • Li-Polymer batteries offer 2 hour charge
Dogtra Arc


If you are searching for an e-collar that is inconspicuous it doesn’t get much better than the Dogtra ARC. This impressive system features an ergonomically designed receiver collar that fits the curve of your dog’s neck making it barely distinguishable from regular collars.

  • ž mile range
  • Innovative design that enables the receiver collar to fit the natural curve of your dog’s neck for added comfort and inconspicuous training
  • Impressive checkered grips on the handheld remote transmitter make this system a pleasure to handle
  • Expandable for up to 2 dogs
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) enables you to see the level of stimulation and the remaining battery life as you train
  • Low/ medium power output makes this remote an excellent choice for dogs as small as 15 lbs.
  • 127 levels of dial adjustable static correction for graduated stimulation
  • Li-Polymer batteries with two hour charge
Dogtra 280c


Featuring all of the advanced functions of our pro collars, the 280c is a low/ medium power output trainer that offers a ultra-compact receiver collar that is designed to fit comfortably on dogs as small as 10 lbs.

  • ½ mile range
  • Low/ medium power output
  • Small receiver-collar designed for dogs weighing as little as 10 lbs.
  • LCD screen enables you to see the stimulation level and remaining battery life even while training in the dark
  • 127 levels of precise stimulation
  • High performance Pager
  • Non-slip checkered grips on handheld remote
  • Enhanced contact points
  • Li-Polymer batteries with two hour rapid charge
Dogtra 200c


If you are searching for a more basic electric dog training system that offers everything you need to effectively train your mild mannered pet, the 200c series is definitely worth looking into.

  • ½ mile range
  • Low/ medium power
  • Ultra-compact receiver designed to fit comfortably on dogs over 10 lbs.
  • 100 levels of precise stimulation
  • High performance Pager mode
  • Enhanced contact points
  • LED indicator shows battery status
  • Li-Polymer batteries with two hour fast charge
Dogtra Combo


The Dogtra COMBO offers a different set of features than the typical Dogtra remote e-collar. Instead of Rheostat dial with 127 levels of stimulation is a audible click selector dial with 8 level with instant low, medium and high booster levels with a button click similar to the EDGE RT.

  • ½ mile line of sight range
  • Low to medium power
  • Ultra-compact receiver for dogs 10 lbs and up.
  • 8 level selector dial with Low, medium, high boost (24 stimulation levels)
  • Thumb wheel for true 1-handed opertation
  • High performance vibration mode
  • Audible tone
  • Enhanced contact points
  • LED low battery indicator light
  • Two hour charge LiPo batteries
Dogtra YS600


If you are ready for nuisance barking to become a thing of the past, you can have it under control in no time with the YS600.

  • Features 10 intensity levels that are completely dial adjustable
  • Low to high power stimulation
  • High Performance vibration before static stimulation
  • Designed for medium and larger breeds of dogs weighing at least 20 lbs.
  • Activated by the vibration of your dog’s vocal chords
  • Superior advanced bark sensor technology
  • Enhanced contact points
  • LED indicator shows battery status
  • Completely waterproof
  • Li-Polymer batteries with 2-hour fast charge
Dogtra YS300


If your small to medium sized dog has a tendency to over communicate, check out the YS300.

  • Features 6 intensity levels for a wide variety of temperaments
  • Vibration “warning” feature
  • Designed for dogs as small as 10 lbs.
  • Smart technology introduces “bark recognition” to help distinguish your dog’s bark from other sounds in the area
  • LED indicator shows remaining battery life
  • Fully waterproof
  • Equipped with Li-Polymer two hour charge batteries
Dogtra YS200


The Dogtra YS200 is the smallest no bark collar Dogtra offers. 6 levels of stimulation to help keep your small dog’s nuisance barking to a minimum.

  • 6 bark correction levels
  • Vibration “warning” feature
  • Bark recognition feature
  • LED shows remaining battery charge
  • Completely waterproof
  • Reduced receiver size for dogs as small as 10 lbs to wear comfortably.
  • Replaceable Coin Lithium Batteries


When only the best will do, iQ Pet (a premium line of pet products that is created by Dogtra) is definitely worth investigating. With innovative products like the StarWalk activity tracker and premium compact receiver-collars, iQ Pet has just the solution you are looking for.
IQ Starwalk


If you are interested in tracking your dog’s activity level and are searching for a reliable way to do so, the StarWalk activity tracker is an excellent solution.

  • Customizable colored LED lights
  • Programmable notifications
  • Hourly analysis
  • LED night walking light
  • Completely waterproof
  • Universal collar attachment device
IQ Plus


This miniature e-collar offers all of the necessary features offered by the big boys, but in compact form. An excellent remote training system for smaller breeds weighing as little as 10 lbs. yet effective enough for most larger dogs as well, the iQ Plus is even expandable for up to 2 dogs

  • 400 yard line of sight range
  • Smaller collar fits comfortably on dogs as small as 10 lbs.
  • Water resistant transmitter
  • Waterproof reciever-collar
  • 100 precise stimulation levels
  • Low to medium power output
  • 2 hour charge Li-Polymer batteries


Perhaps one of the most innovative remote dog training systems available on the market, the iQ Cliq combines the simplicity of clicker training with the technology of an e-collar.

  • 100 yard range makes this trainer ideal for training indoors or in smaller areas
  • Smaller receiver fits comfortably on dogs as small as 10 lbs.
  • Transmitter features a built in clicker function
  • Expandable for up to 2 dogs
  • 100 precise stimulation levels
  • Collar strap is detachable
IQ No Bark


If you are ready to do away with unnecessary barking and prefer a no bark collar that offers non-stimulating correction, the iQ No Bark Collar is an excellent choice.

  • Warning vibration system
  • 10 stimulation levels
  • Smaller receiver fits comfortably on dogs as small as 10 lbs. but is effective enough for larger dogs as well
  • Sensor for bark recognition
  • Coin lithium batteries are included


Dogtra offers everything you need to enhance your dog training experience.
Dogtra EF-3500


This impressive electric dog containment system is ideal for keeping your dog in your yard without the hassle and expense of adding an unsightly traditional fence.

  • Extended range signal offers up to 40 acres of coverage
  • 8 adjustable intensity levels
  • Operational indicator ensures the wire is in operational condition
  • Easily expandable for all of your dogs
  • Vibration warning feature
  • Battery saving sleep mode initiates when your dog is safe within the boundaries
  • Recommended for dogs weighing over 10 lbs.
  • Equipped with Li-Polymer 2 hour quick charge batteries
Dogtra RR Deluxe


Compatible with almost any bird/ bumper launchers, the RR Deluxe was designed for the Dogtra QL and Dogtra PL bird launcher systems. An excellent choice for hunters, competition training and retriever work, the RR Deluxe is training at its finest.

  • Up to 1 mile of range
  • Innovative 2 port system enables you to control 2 launchers from 1 receiver (additional cable required)
  • Features dual sound duck or beep to get your dog’s attention
  • Operate up to 16 launchers from a single remote transmitter (with purchase of additional receivers)
  • Equipped with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Dogtra PL and QL Launchers


Train your hunting dog and improve your next hunting adventure with the PL and QL launching systems.

  • PL measures 13.2” x 6.9” x 6.9” and is designed specifically for pheasant sized birds
  • QL measures 8.6” x 4.5” x 4.3” and is designed for pigeon sized birds
  • Adjustable throwing height
  • Significant air flow for adequate distribution of scent
  • Designed for use with the Dogtra RR Deluxe (sold separately)


In addition to an impressive line of training devices, Dogtra offers a wide variety of accessories to help enhance your dog training experience. With everything from replacement batteries, car chargers and regular chargers to contact points and receiver collars you are certain to find what you are looking for.
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