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Dog Coupler For Biking & Walking (Bike Tow Leash)

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Dog Bike Ride with a second dog attached to a single Bike Tow Leash!  Attaches to second dog's collar to same collar ring as the Bike Tow Leash.  Stiffened for excellent communication and positioning between dogs and bike and to prevent tangling.  The length is 17.5 inches long when straight with a swivel clip at both ends.   Curved shape provides a way for the cord to pass from first dog's collar to the second dog's collar.  Clips are mounted rattlefree so the Dog Coupler provides positioning communication between dogs like the BTL to the bike.  DC also eliminates tripping and tangling.  DC triple-spring- action, loose -leash, rewards dogs for correct position and  tracking same course together.  Tracking together, versus pulling away, also reduces pad wear and tears, making longer and more frequent rides possible.   Also, provides easier multi-dog walks with a single regular leash versus tangling additional leashes.  


Use the Dog Coupler to ride with or walk two dogs at once! It easily attaches to The Bike Tow Leash and keeps both dogs in their own line of motion, prevents tangling and loose-leash rewards correct dog position.   A perfect accessory for anyone wanting to easily exercise with ALL of their furry friends.

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